My goal: No more clutter! What is yours?

My goal when you read the information that is posted on this website, it is that you begin your declutter operation keeping in mind and focus on “No more clutter”, it is my goal and should be yours too.

Really the problem is in our own thinking. If you see that this task is tedious and can take lot of time, don’t feel overwhelmed, you can accomplish the goal with little steps at a time. If you are the kind of person that leaves that task for another day because it looks like a lot, that other day comes and keep thinking in another day better, then you are showing me that the problem is in your mind.

Decluttering spaces from your home is good for several reasons. I will mention some benefits here:

You can freely walk again without doing maneuvers to not step on top of things. This reason alone is good enough because the older you get, any fall on the floor or on your clutter can be more serious and you could be very hurt.

The air flow in your house will be better and for that reason you will breathe better and will be less concentrations of dust, it will be better for your allergies if you have them, maybe you are getting rid of the cause of them!

The cleaning is much easier when a space is decluttered and it is faster, so you will ended up doing your cleaning tasks a breeze.  You will save precious time.

You will find things faster because you remember you took it away and store it in the appropriate place, this is if you declutter and organize at the same time. This approach makes lot of sense and also save time.

You will enjoy your home better and you will be happier if you live without clutter around you. Believe me, there is nothing better than come home to relax and feel pleasure to be in after a long day at work.

You will have proud on showing your home to your friends and won’t feel embarrassed anymore if you have an unexpected visit.

You will be leaving things from the past in the past, it should be like that, but sometimes we are so attached to the past that we don’t live the moment and worst we don’t even plan for the future.

In the process of decluttering you can feel good with yourself if you give to people who is in need, it is a rewarding experience for the spirit. In this process also you can make some money and use it for other things you might need or even for entertaining yourself.

If you have a home office or just in your office at work, if you don’t have clutter you will be more proactive and less stressful. And it is important that when you get home to relax, you enjoy your stay in it and be happy as a result of it.

Now that you know the benefits of decluttering, what are you waiting for? Plan your declutter day first and also your organization skills and get to accomplish the “No More Clutter Goal”.