Monetize Your Clutter: A Simple Idea For Business!

You have lot of clutter or maybe a little bit of clutter in your home, have you thought about selling it? You will make some money out of it, I guarantee you. I did it for myself and it works. After reading this article you may want to start your own decluttering services, it is a simple idea for business !

When I had lot of clutter in my home due to the death of a family member and lot of her things landed at my home, I began to sell them on eBay and the big things I sold them on Craiglist or, now eBay Classifieds.

I made some money and helped me to pay some of the education of my children. You can do the same. Once you begin to experiment with it and see how you sell it, you will like it and continue doing it, maybe you would do it to the next level.

What I mean for the next level? You can do a business of it, doing a Decluttering Service yourself. You go and declutter rooms for other people, once you sorted all the clutter, offer a small price for the things as a whole not item by item. Let the people you are working for, know that you want the clutter for a small price, tell them that the items are used some of them are not worthy, etc. Sometimes the people just give it to you for free, remember, they want to get rid of it, some others don’t but here is where your tactics of dealing with them should be used.

After you have the clutter and keep it sorted, remember it was sorted already, just separate the good items and sell them on eBay and recycle or give to charity the rest. If you give them to charity, ask for a receipt, it will help you to deduct it from the taxes. Here in the United States, you can get the packages for free from USPS (United States Postal Service), in their online store, you can ask for packages of 10 or 25 lot for flat rate boxes and shoe boxes and they don’t cost you a penny. I have been using those and most of small items fit on them. I sold clothes, cosmetics, toys, yarn, etc. All of them with great success, you will recover your money.

The items that are small, I can ship it worldwide if it is not more than 4 lbs to send it by First Class International (which is cheaper) but be careful, before shipping overseas, see if it is legal to ship that item to that country, you can see which items are prohibited also in USPS pages.

Shipping worldwide is good because you are selling globally, your items are exposed to the eBay market around the globe and if the people who bid from those countries don’t win the item, they help to raise the bidding price, so that means more money for you. I have to mention that I put all in auction style and my lists are all at the starting bid of $0.99. I often sell the clutter for much more than that. And now, eBay is not charging upfront the listing fee for items listed that start from $0.99. So, what are you waiting for?, boxes does not cost you, the buyer pays for the shipping and now eBay is not charging the listing fee for listings of $0.99, so nothing upfront to begin to sell your clutter.

I have to admit that before you sell on eBay, learn the tactics from the pros and I would recommend you check this eBay Course.

I learned from them and I am making money on eBay right now.

For the furniture or big items that you cannot ship, I use or eBay Classifieds formerly known as I sold from both sites very well and none of them cost you. Lately, eBay classifieds are doing changes, so maybe you will have to pay for some services but most of them are free, I haven’t been paying anything yet.

The bad thing from is that there are some people that will try to scam you, sending you e-mails with propositions, so you have to be careful and follow craiglist  guidelines about it, but it is still a very good source to post your big items, so you can sell them locally.

So now, you have this idea for business, in this moment of bad economical situation, is good to have some additional income or if you plan for decluttering services, then you have it, a good business to start. So in conclusion, to sell your clutter just need a small amount if you buy the clutter but if it is your clutter, won’t cost you anything to get started.

Have fun in selling your clutter, I have been having fun just watching how people bids on those items!