Declutter And Organizing At The Same Time

While declutter is just to place things where they belong, it is advised that you also plan in organizing, which is to put together in order within a structured whole.

You can plan in advanced to organize declutter efficiently. Follow the next steps to avoid buying more containers that you need and use what you have first.

Make a list of containers that you might have and check first if they are accomplishing its function, meaning that if the container is in the right place, if it is easy to find something in that container, if it is labeled, if it needs dividers for even better organization and make it easier to find little things. Go to websites like Container Store and Organize It, to have ideas of the kind of containers or store boxes that you might need.

It is important to see what are the sizes of those containers, and if they fit well in the closet or rack or whatever space you are organizing. What I mean for this is that you might want to check (before buying) what would be the appropriate size of the container.

Let’s take a look at an example, a closet is always a good example. So, we are organizing a closet, we need to see first how big it is, if it is walk-in closet or reach-in closet. Take measurements first, if you have a little closet, you might want to buy containers that are small, don’t put big size containers on that space, remember also appearance and functionality.

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You might want to have drawers inside the closet to store neatly instead of boxes, bags or other means that are not proper and make it cluttered. Right now, they are doing several kinds of drawers to put inside closets from the most fancies, to the most economical like those plastic clear drawers, so there are several kinds for different budgets.

Usually the closets have at least one rack (usually at the top of the rail system), look for storage containers that are stackable, there are in several shapes, like squares, or rectangular flats, also they have little drawers if you just want to remove things quickly without the need of take the container down to check in it. Personally I like the clear containers that you can see through, it helps to minimize time in searching because you have the idea what is in it just by looking at it.

Also is recommended to label it in front of the container, so you can easily know what is in there. Most of the time, we label it with the name of the main things that are in it, when you are organizing, you should put similar objects together or if it serves for the same purpose, or things that are complementary of one another and label accordingly, at the end you will have a better organized closet, in this example.

You should begin then to check what areas, if not all, to begin organizing, begin one at a time and see what kind of containers or storage bins they have in online stores and offline stores, remember sizes, easy to see what it is in there, look for characteristics like if they are stackable, etc. Gather ideas, be creative and organize every room in your home.