Declutter Mindset

When you begin to declutter your home or any room, you should have your mind already set. You should have predisposition to get rid of things. How are we doing this?

First, see in your mind the big picture, look at your cluttered space, do you see how ugly looks like? don’t you think it can be dangerous?, think about that those things can fall on you, or things that are in your way and stop you to walk freely. Think about how difficult is to clean when a room is cluttered. Sometimes you don’t feel like clean that cluttered area and then the matter gets worse, cluttered and dirty, accruing dust and if the place is dump can grow mold. That’s why for all those reasons clutter becomes unhealthy for you and your family.

If this is the case and you have accrued lot of clutter over the years and haven’t done cleaning, see if you or a member or members of your family have allergies, that might be the cause, don’t you think? Or maybe someone in your family has fallen because of a box or even a small piece of something that made him or her slipped on. Now, if you have an older member in your family, I mean in the 70s or more and that person falls, it can be very serious.

Now that you are more aware that clutter is a problem, you should begin to work on decluttering for a healthier living not only for you but for your family too.

Now dream a little bit, and imagine that space without any of that clutter, imagine how beautiful you can arrange that space and think how enjoyable can become that space for you. Now you can freely walk through it without sidestepping through the clutter. You can work on beautify that space with some ornaments or just work on that space to make it functional for you.

One thing that I recommend you is, take a note pad and write down your ideas on how that space could be. Begin to realize that is possible to have your space uncluttered and you can do nice things on that space.

Set your goal, what is your goal?, declutter that space!, schedule your time when you will begin to do it. Write down the date and begin preparing your mind for that day.

On the day of decluttering, you will be looking at different objects. Objects that will be sorted, some of them will have a sentimental value, some of them you will feel guilty if you get rid of them. Here is a list of questions that can help you determine if you will keep it or not, but be sincere and be with predisposition to dispose everything you don’t need to have.

How old is this object?

Is it in poor condition?

Is it broken?

Does it mean something to me? Is that something is strong enough to keep that object?

If it’s something to wear, does it fit?

Do I need it?

Have I used it in the past year?

If you have several sets of something, do I need all the sets?

Decluttering or uncluttering can be difficult when you are too much attached to your things, you should understand that if those things were useful in the past and now you live in a present that you realize don’t need them anymore, then you should put those items away forever.

Let me tell you that if you donate those things, you will be feeling good because your items would serve for other people who need them. You will feel good because you are helping people and that is always a good thing for your spirit.

You will also feel good if you sell those items and get some money to buy something that you really need. Remember “something that you need”, don’t begin to buy things just to clutter up again, please.

With this mentality, now it is time to take Action! All the things you propose to yourself in doing it, will be done if you take action, don’t procrastinate, don’t let that idea to go away, don’t let it cool down!, if you don’t take action, you pretty much are done, don’t be a looser, face the problem and resolve it.