How to Declutter an Office

Decluttering an office might be the best thing that you can ever do for you and your career. It will be worthy for you, just the feeling by itself, come to your office and everything is in place, in order, you will have a proactive day at work and less stressful.

Having an organized work space allows you to save precious time by not having to look through clutter to find the information you need.  You will also make a good impression to your clients and/or boss.  People want to work with someone who is organized.

Start seeing around your office; clear all the walkways between your office furniture and equipment; from your desk to the file cabinet, from the door to your desk, seats, etc.

Think in the amount of space you have; if it is a small space, you need a small desk otherwise a large desk in a small space gives a cramped feeling. If you have a large room with a small desk, you can add a table next to your desk, be sure that it is the same height and color, so it will look terrific and elegant and serve as an additional working area.

Do you have the proper furniture in which you can hold all of the office essentials like a fax machine, photo copier, printer, etc?  You will have to give some of your office essentials their own separate space, you would gain some work space; for example, your printer or multifunction copier should not be on your desktop, investing in a printer stand will keep it within a usable distance and will free more of that valuable desk space.  Plus, it will give you some more shelf storage space for accessories such as printer paper.

Do you have enough room for files or books?  You might need to invest in a book shelf, either freestanding or built-in.

Also, by placing your desk to make it easily accessible to the other office equipment is extremely beneficial as well.  Maybe you are the type of person that is constantly needed to go in and out of the file cabinet.  An easy solution to the constant getting up and down from your chair is to place the filing cabinet directly behind your desk.  Or you can make the path wide enough to be able to roll your chair back and forth to the other office equipment.

The desk itself is an area that can easily get cluttered and unorganized. Ask yourself what are the things that need to be on the desk?  The answer for this is paper organization. It is the key to create an un-cluttered desk top. The Container Store: Home Office > Desktop Collections > Natural Materials

Make sure that you label all project folders and/or manila files sitting on your desk.  You can get rid of the stacks of files by placing them in a step file holder on your desk which will enable you to see at a glance the various projects that need your attention. You might also be able to use stacking trays which are ideal for your “inbox” and “outbox”.  They save space and are another great way to keep your office desktop neat.

Pay attention to the drawers of the desk as well.  Office supply stores and chain retailers have an assortment of plastic trays and caddies, including those that are designed to fit perfectly into a desk drawer.  You can use them to get your office supplies organized by placing those loose pens, markers, paper clips and thumb tacks within them.

Check around the floor of your desk to make sure that this has not become a dumping ground for things that you don’t have a space for.

Once your office is well organized, it really is simple to keep it that way.  At the end of the day spend five to ten minutes putting things away.  This is a simple way to guard against things getting out-of-control once again.