Declutter Your Bedroom In One Day

If your bedroom is full of clutter, you are missing the feelings of relaxation and comfort than an organized bedroom offers and the benefits of reducing stress after a long day at work. Let’s declare a declutter day when you eliminate clutter from your sacred place, your bedroom!

De-cluttering a bedroom is not that difficult and can be accomplished in just one day. So, don’t allow the clutter staying any longer and follow the next advice, at then end you will find a perfect room to relax and have peace.

First thing to do to start de-cluttering your bedroom is: take a notepad and a pen and make yourself a few notes. Look around your room and ask yourself: Where is the clutter congregating? Is it close to the nightstand? on top of your dresser?

What are those essential things that you would like to keep close to your bed and what are those things piling up and cluttering that space up?

Do you like to read at night? Is there a pile of books and magazines out of place? You might solve that problem just setting up some shelves by the side of your bed.

Maybe there are pieces of garbage scattered over the top of the nightstand, then you should take a note to buy a small trash bin to keep by the side of the bed. Or perhaps is it dirty clothes that are piling up all the time? then make a note to buy another hamper and place it on that spot that seems to collect most of the dirty clothes.

Check to see if there is enough space to store your clean clothes, probably clean laundry ends up on top of the dresser because there is no space in the drawers to hold it all, you might need to buy storage bins.

Also, check under the bed and think how to organize it, maybe you need to purchase a couple of bins with wheels that easily slide in and out from under the bed. You might need to purchase bed lifts to create the space for the bins.

All is about how to organize it better, after you have the list of things you need to organize your bedroom, purchase the items and continue with the next step.

This time what you need to do is create your organized space. Did you find in step one that fair amount of clutter near your nightstand? Once you made adjustments like shelves, bins, etc, go through things and remove those that you don’t need in your bedroom.

Are you reading those books or magazines at the moment? Can those books be placed in another shelf of another room at home?  Perhaps giving them away?  Are those magazines old ready to be put in the recycle bin?

Are those clothes on top of your dresser fitting you? You can give them away instead of moving to a new dresser and never use them again. Separate your clothes within categories like, socks, underwear, pajamas, etc, rather than keep them all in one drawer, remember you are not only de-cluttering, you are organizing too.

Maybe you found that most of your clutter was found in your storage under the bed. See if you can store some of those things somewhere else in your home. Ask yourself if those things need to be in your bedroom.

Things that are good to store under the bed are shoes placed in a bin and also seasonal bedding in an airtight bag. Keep in mind that if you don’t see what you are currently storing under the bed, then you have too many things under there.

Creating a relaxing space is so easy.  With organization and a clear picture of what you want, you can make your bedroom the space of your dreams.