How to Declutter a Closet

The very last time you washed your clothes or grabbed your dry cleaning, have you had a difficult time fitting it into your closet?

Closets can easily turn into cramped as well as cluttered, particularly when clothing styles adjust constantly, keeping up with fashion, or it can be just you who have changed, maybe you might be overweight now and cannot easily fit into your clothes anymore, or even the opposite, you became slimmer and now your clothes are too loose. Consequently it is the time to do something regarding your closet.

Late fall and late spring usually are good seasons to work on decluttering a closet. Late fall and late spring considering that the weather becomes more constant. Absolutely nothing is worst than packing away your summer clothing in early October and then, all of a sudden, you get a week of ideal Capri and short sleeves weather.

Handle this particular task when you have all day long to accomplish it. Most likely, you will end up using the bed to store clothes and stuff you retain in the closet and also you do not wish to get to the point of placing everything back again simply because it is getting late and you would like to sleep.

Working in decluttering your closet starts in advanced ahead of the actual “event”. Look first into your closet to determine what exactly you need to really make it organized. Are your accessories all over the place since you are lacking of a proper space to place them? Do you need to buy additional racks or shelves? Do you need to save your shoes in the closet? For suggestions on what sort of storage containers you can buy, check websites like The Container Store.

When you finally know what you need, you may purchase those items in advance, by doing so you will have everything set to go on your “decluttering the closet” project.

Begin this task by taking away your clothing and judging them one at a time. Ask yourself questions such as how has it been since you haven’t wore them, if it has been more than a year, probably you will not use it anytime soon. Additionally check for the condition, if it is not so good, make use of a bin where you are separating clothes that would go to charity.

In the same way, go through your shoes and accessories. As soon as your closet is empty, then you can certainly clean it. Wipe down the shelves, racks and the clothes bar, then vacuum the floor. Once it is done, you can start placing things back in an organized manner.

Do not take any space for granted, particularly if you have a small closet. The back of the closet door is a great place to put hooks, an accessories rack or a shoe bag.

If you are not having enough room to store shoes, there is a great alternative, purchase a bin with wheels on it that can easily slide under the bed. Buy bed lifts, if there is no space under the bed for the bins. Vacuum bags will also be ideal to store seasonal clothes in, if you do not have room in your closet for all your seasonal wardrobes.

One tip to store your clothes is that you could save time switching your seasonal clothing if you store your clothes already on hangers. They do not need to be hung up; they can be stored neatly with the hanger intact so that putting them in and out of the closet is easier.

You may want to think about investing in a permanent organizational solution. There are many companies like The Container Store which specialize in utilizing the space that you have in order for you to maintain an organized and clean closet forever.

Decluttering your closet can be easy to do. You simply need to take your time, utilize your space and consider the best organizational solutions for the job.