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My name is Amanda Heart and I've been a lover of neat homes since I was a child, I always try to do my best in that respect in my own home.

A few years ago, I had clutter at home due to the death of a family member, lot of her things ended up at my home. It was like her home moved into mine in a few days and I felt very overwhelmed with all the stuff, I didn't know what to do.

I looked at my home, depressed,hoping that one day I would have it orderly again. Then, I decided to take action on it, I did research and applied this knowledge learned.

I can tell you that I have gained experience on it and I want to share it with you for free.

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  • The law of attraction when it comes to clutter
  • Why clutter can lead you to have spiritual and financial problems?
  • Why you should stored things efficiently? With these tips, you will stored using common sense!
  • Tips that will make you not to forget where you stored things that you don't use frequently!
  • Understand why procrastinating can hurt you, take action now and you will feel the rewards almost immediately.
  • Work your way out of that feeling of attachment to things, just answer simple questions to yourself!
  • Tips to eliminate clutter from a bedroom as quick as counting 1, 2, 3.
  • Use a simple thing (probably you have it already) as a tool to declutter a room.
  • I'll give you a little trick for a teenager's bedroom, especially if it's a boy!
  • See for yourself how decluttering improves the quality of YOUR life!
  • And a lot, lot more!

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Amanda Heart